Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It is leadership. Ralph Marston


Wise coaches recognise their role is to bring out the best in clients so they can achieve long-term success for themselves and make a positive impact within their organisations.

RKB Coaches enable people to realise their potential by providing the right environment for them to do their own best thinking. This means offering support and encouragement but also being ready to challenge attitudes which might be holding someone back.

When we start coaching a new client, we ask them to identify their goals, with input from their sponsor as necessary. We then work with them over an agreed number of one-to-one sessions to help them adjust their thinking, identify their learning needs and progress towards these goals.



The coaching agenda is always tailored to the needs of individual client and their organisation, although areas that we might address include effective communication, dealing with conflict, leading a team and strategic thinking. In all cases, our approach is to ensure clients stretch themselves and discover more productive ways of working and problem-solving, enhance their effectiveness and  impact in service of organisational goals and purpose.     

In addition to their coaching qualifications, RKB’s executive coaches have many years’ professional experience in senior leadership roles within complex organisations. Their understanding and insight is valued by clients who often tell us it gives them the confidence and inspiration to face their own workplace challenges.