Specialists by Design

RKB Coaching Consultancy provides high quality, innovative coaching consultancy for businesses across various sectors. Founded in 2001, we have since built a strong reputation for business excellence and an enhanced quality of service.

We specialise in the design, development, delivery and evaluation of learning programmes that are based on tried and tested educational techniques. We work with clients in ways that create real, sustainable change in organisational processes and systems.

We have worked successfully with leaders and managers in public service organisations across the UK through our consultancy and learning methods skilled facilitators of learning.



Equipped for the challange

These unique qualities form the ethos of the RKB consultancy. They enable us to analyse the key challenges facing leaders in times of huge change and design innovative solutions. Our success stems from our adaptable, participant-centred programmes that promote a collaborative and practical approach to learning.

We are skilled at creating supportive environments in which people feel empowered to explore and learn. By actively engaging with the challenges that ‘difference’ brings to work groups and organisations, we are continually finding ways that enable the unique perspectives, skills and qualities of each member to be heard.

This is part of our firm belief that coaching organisations and individuals in a holistic and flexible manner encourages positive outcomes, all the while ensuring that everyone feels a valued and respected part of the process.