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Experts in developing leaders and leadership

Every organisation has a wealth of human potential. With the right support, these people could be the next generation of inspirational leaders and strategic thinkers who will secure your future success. 

We can work with you to nurture and develop the talent within your team through our bespoke leadership development and coaching programmes. Each programme is designed to give participants a deeper understanding of their organisation and to foster insight into their own behaviours and performance.

All our interventions provide opportunities for participants to explore, reflect and apply their learning in real-life workplace situations. This practical approach, informed by years of experience, helps to embed knowledge and encourages cross-organisational co-operation and collaboration. This ensures the positive effects of our programmes are quickly felt throughout your organisation. 

All our executive coaches have successfully occupied leadership roles within the private and public sectors, including higher education, business and non-governmental bodies. This gives them the authority and expertise to challenge individuals appropriately, whilst also providing a supportive space for reflection and taking action.

To find out more about our leadership development, executive coaching and organisational development services, please explore our site or contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Executive Coaching

RKB Coaches provide the right environment for people to do their own best thinking. This means offering support and encouragement but also being ready to challenge attitudes which might be holding someone back.

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Leadership Development

RKB's high-calibre leadership development programmes are tailored to the needs of each client and the particular challenges faced by the organisation, from successfully managing change to building relationships with stakeholders.

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Organisation Development

It’s not always easy for organisations to focus objectively on their own developmental needs. RKB can help your organisation to move with the times by ensuring that internal structures and processes are relevant, fit for purpose and meet the needs of key stakeholders.

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